Rhubarb-Elderflower Smoothie

I am sharing this delicious smoothie recipe, which is pretty easy to make and tastes yummy straight away. The smoothie gives you a great vitamin boost, so why don’t you fill it in a bottle and enjoy it on your way to work to help you wake up. It’s not only yummy, but also healthy and hasn’t got any hidden sugars or additives.

Here is what you need & how you make it

  • 2 x pieces of rhubarb
  • 1 x banana
  • 1/2 x apple
  • Water & elderflower syrup

Once you have peeled and pieced the rhubarb boil it for 1 minute in hot water. Then add the rhubarb, apple and banana to the mixing bowl and add cold water up to the 1 liter mark plus some elderflower syrup. Mix it well together and now enjoy your juice. Done.

Rhabarber-Holunder Smoothie © Mehr Power auf Dauer

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