Super speedy breakfast: Yoghurt-Oatmeal-Frozen-Berries

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thats why, even if you simply haven’t got the time, at least try to eat something in the morning. In the long run, your body will show his gratitude with flourishing health.

Also you need the energy from your breakfast to start the day fit and healthy, no matter how hectic it might become. Always remember: your body has just spent 8 hours in sleep mode and simply needs a boost of energy to kick start the day and to keep staying healthy.

And actually it is pretty easy to create something healthy and delicious in no time. To show you how it works, I am going to introduce you to the super speedy oatmeal, yoghurt and frozen berries breakfast.

Nearly self-explanatory, all you need is

  • 4 tbsp of oatsmeal
  • 1 cup of plain yoghurt (150 g)
  • 1 handful of frozen berries

Add all the ingredients in a container and take it to work. In the meantime, the berries will defrost and are going to add a wonderful juicy and fruity taste to the mix. Once at work, mix the ingredients well and enjoy your healthy breakfast.

Interesting facts about yogurt

Yogurt is very easily digestible and one of the foods with the greatest impact on our bodies. It improves and heals our intestinal flora. And its well known that health begins within, mainly in our intestine. Yogurt also stimulates the immune system and has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases. With its high calcium content it also prevents osteoporosis. It is therefore recommended to regularly eat unsweetened plain yogurt to enjoy these and many other health benefits.

Of course instead of frozen berries you can simply use whatever fruit is left over or in season. For example strawberries are a big hit at the moment and a great replacement.

Joghurt-Haferflocken-Tiefkühlbeeren © Mehr Power auf Dauer

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