Pimp your Water

Today its about how to pimp our good old water to make it taste like new with a twist of healthiness. How’s that? And, why water anyway?

Well, the human body consists of approximately 60 – 70% of water. Therefore water is our lifeblood. An adult needs an average of 2 – 2,5 liters of fluids daily, and believe it or not, about exactly the same amount of fluids leave our bodies every day, either through sweating, toilet, regulation of body temperature etc. Especially during hot summer months it is important to make sure you drink enough.

Apparently if you even drink at least 3 liters of fluids every day it is supposed to make your skin look firmer and fresher, less dark circles under the eyes and fewer headaches, etc. And here we are talking about water and herbal teas and not any drinks that contain sugar. Water and herbal teas have pretty much zero calories, zero sugar and zero additives.

Although I love water, I have to admit that water can get really boring sometimes. If you feel the same, then why not pimp your water with fresh mint leaves, fresh lemon or even cucumber. In fact, all three things together are quite a super combo and are said to have detoxifying effects. Cucumbers are hydrating and contain many minerals. While lemon stimulates digestion, is purifying from the inside and rich in Vitamin C, mint ensures a fresh flavour and it even suppresses food cravings and stimulates the fat metabolism. The perfect companion for a long day at the office. And it also looks pretty decorative.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got all of those ingredients to hand, just use what you have got, it is going to be delicious either way. And healthy, too. Peppermint for instance is often growing like crazy on balconies or in gardens. Wash the leaves well, tie them together at the ends and add them to your water. Best to wait a bit, so that the flavor can better unfold. Olà!

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