Keep calm and eat Avocado

It is almost an open secret that avocado is a small fruit that causes rather large miracles. And although the avocado is praised with its many health benefits, there are still a lot of people that stay clear of avocado, mainly because it contains quite a lot of fat and is pretty rich in calories compared to other fruit and vegetables. And yes, it’s actually true, but… and there are many exciting and interesting “but’s” why avocado should still show up on your shopping list.

But first of all: Yes, the avocado is indeed very rich in fat. With its average of 250 grams it contains about 400 calories and 40 grams of fat. You can actually say that avocado is the fruit with the highest fat content, together with olives. But still it doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy, right? On the contrary, it is very healthy and even helps with weight loss.

The enzymes contained in avocado ensure that the fat of an avocado does not get stored and thus fat burns at a quicker rate. The metabolism gets a push and some help in reducing stubborn fat reserves. Also, fats are not always fats. Meaning there are differences between certain kinds of fat. But keeping a long story of different types of fat short, what you need to know is, that there are “good” and “bad” fats. The avocado is full of “good” fats, the so-called unsaturated fatty acids. These are very easy to digest, reduce cholesterol levels and taking it a step further, even reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases. Basically, this is a fat that lowers blood lipid levels and is healthy.

But additionally to all the “good” fats there are also very many important vitamins, minerals and fiber that saturate long and are therefore a pretty good companion to a diet. Avocado also contains Vitamin B and E, which help against the so-called free radicals. Meaning cancer does not have a too easy game here.

It is also interesting that the mix of carbohydrates that are contained in the avocado supply our nerve and brain cells with better quality energy, then other carbs. Again, taking it a little step further, that also means, that avocado is a healthy stress killer.

But even if avocado contains “good” fats and calories, you should not start eating bags of it now. As always, everything in moderation. Nevertheless, avocado should still regularly be part in your diet. Especially if it has to be quick in the morning again, avocado is a perfect breakfast. Sliced or crushed with a fork on a slice of wholemeal bread. Add a little bit of salt and pepper and perhaps even a few chilli flakes, that boost calorie burning and as a little side effect make happy. The perfect power-breakfast for a smooth start into a new day.

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